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Collaborative Divorce and Mediation are best suited for couples and families who at heart, genuinely wish to resolve their family law issues respectfully and reasonably, without the emotional and financial costs of  court battles. 

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Our Divorce Professionals

We offer a broad choice of highly qualified family law attorneys, licensed mental health professionals, and financial specialists

Depending on the divorce process you choose, we individually, or in combinations help you address family law issues respectfully, without court battles. We empower couples’ to divorce honorably, with consideration for the wellbeing of all family members. Some of our attorneys also litigate divorce matters. 

Our professionals aim to honor human dignity and celebrate diversity. All our professionals are independent practitioners, trained in both mediation and collaborative divorce and/or collaborative trusts & estates. Learn more about our Professionals

Our monthly, No-Cost, Divorce Smarter Webinars allow you to learn more about various divorce topics with a focus on answering your questions. Our monthly, No-Cost Divorce Options Workshops provide detailed information about the four legal methods to divorce, and the pros and cons of each. Choosing your divorce process based on your budget, your family’s specific needs and values is the single most important decision you will make.

Our Mission

Our Interdisciplinary Professionals guide you through your Divorce, while protecting your dignity, financial assets, legal rights, emotional well-being and relationships – without going to court.

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Which Divorce Process is Best for Our Family? 

Choosing the right divorce process for your family is the single most important decision you will make!

To learn about the pros and cons of four legal ways to divorce, attend our No-Cost, monthly Divorce Options Workshops, and bring questions for our professionals. This is a balanced presentation that helps you understand which divorce method may best suit your needs.

When choosing a divorce process (litigation, do-it-yourself, mediation, or collaborative divorce) consider three things: your budget, your family’s specific needs and your values. 

Which process is most likely to aggravate tensions into the future? Which will allow for a more respectful transition for your family? Which divorce method is likely to encourage your being civil and respectful into the future? Which divorce process is likely to create a respectful co-parenting context for raising your children? Which most considers your children’s needs and wellbeing? Which process is most likely to help you preserve access to your extended family members and communities? Which process will most easily accommodate children’s special needs, religious education, or plans to pay for college? 

Speak to one of our neutral financial specialists regarding your family’s budget for divorce. If a Collaborative Divorce isn’t affordable, a Mediation, Co-Mediation or Team Mediation may be more cost-effective for you. 

Unlike other divorce processes, a Collaborative Divorce actually works to increase your skill to: manage conflict, co-parent, regulate emotions, and communicate effectively for future interactions.  The quality and tone of your interactions directly impacts your children, your extended families and extended communities. 

Cost Effectiveness

Increased interpersonal conflict, ineffective communication and emotional reactivity will increase your divorce costs, regardless of the divorce process you choose.

Divorce is an emotional, financial and legal process. 

Rather than trying to wear all these “hats” themselves, divorce attorneys trained to work in interdisciplinary, collaborative teams are better equipped to pull in other, less expensive specialists to handle the financial and emotional/communication challenges. 

For example, a “neutral” financial specialist may start by gathering and organizing a couples’ financial data, for attorney use later. (All divorce processes legally require financial transparency). At the same time, a licensed therapist can prepare couples to co-parent skillfully and mediate a parenting plan (custody agreement) that lawyers later include in your final divorce agreement. Financial specialists and licensed therapists are typically less expensive than attorneys, and can lay the groundwork for divorce, regardless of the process you choose (litigation, mediation or collaborative divorce), and thereby reduce attorney fees.

We work to reduce your costs by having our professionals each handle their specific areas of expertise, skill and training and by eliminating duplication of efforts. Our independent professionals are equipped to work together efficiently to get you to the divorce finish line.

* For a list of divorce resources for those of more modest means, please see our Modest Means Divorce Resources handout.