Benefits of Collaborative Divorce Process:

  • You, not a judge or lawyers, make decisions and agreements – limited only by your own reasonableness, creativity, flexibility and the law
  • The Team controls the process to ensure efficiency and a safe, open context for communication and creating win-win options
  • Individualized support from professionals who consider the needs and wellbeing of all family members  
  • Avoid costly court battles, and the emotional stress and pain for family members when the aim is to “win against” your partner in adversarial court battles
  • When emotions run high, emotion regulation skills learned from Licensed Mental 
  •  Health Professionals permit clear thinking about solutions
  • Communication skills-building and support are offered by Licensed Mental Health Professionals before and during necessary but difficult conversations
  • Private and Confidential process – only the final agreement (“Judgment”) is submitted to the court 
  • Full disclosure and transparency regarding assets and debts are legally required in any divorce process; in a Collaborative Divorce you can select a neutral Financial 
  • Specialist who can track and trace finances in a friendlier context, without costly subpoenas and litigation
  • To prepare for decisions about the division of assets and debts, your neutral Financial Specialist offers a safe context to ensure education and a clear, shared understanding of your family’s finances that builds trust 
  • Unlike divorce with a single, neutral mediator or litigation, each partner is “legally represented” by a Family Law Attorney who considers their client’s best interests, as well as the needs of all family members
  • Collaborative Attorneys educate, handle legal details, and tailor comprehensive legal documentation for you and your family’s needs

Critical Benefits for Children & Adult Children of Divorce: 

  • Children and Adult Children of divorce are given a voice – not a choice; their needs and concerns are considered, understood and respected
  • Children are protected from the stress and damage of being used as go-betweens, from carrying too much adult information and related emotions, and from the stress and conflict of costly court divorce/custody wars 
  • Co-parents learn to communicate effectively, and manage intense emotions to create a healthy, respectful context for raising children; Divorced parents are better equipped to participate in all their kids’ developmental markers going forward (e.g. sports events, graduations from HS & college, weddings, baby showers, grandchildrens’ events)
  • Co-Parents create a detailed Parenting Plan with experienced co-parenting experts who help you anticipate your children’s future developmental needs, and avoid future challenges

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