Consulting Attorney Services

A neutral, attorney Mediator facilitates conversations between you to help you arrive at a divorce agreement about how you will share your assets and debts, spousal and child support, and how you will make decisions, share time and expenses related to your children. An Attorney Mediator can inform you about the law, but as a neutral professional cannot give either of you legal advice or clarify what is or is not in your best interest. Because of this, most Mediators recommend that you each consult with a “mediation-friendly” Attorney Mediator before agreeing to specific matters during the mediation. A “mediation-friendly” Consulting Attorney is one who:

  • Looks out for your best legal interests, 
  • Is skilled at working collaboratively with other attorneys and professionals, while also 
  • Actively supporting your efforts to mediate and avoid the significant emotional and financial costs associated with court.