Cost Effectiveness

At Collaborative Online Practice – Divorce, we aim to reduce your costs by having our professionals handle their specific areas of skill and training and abiding by streamlined protocols that eliminate duplication of efforts. Instead of one attorney handling only the legal aspects of your divorce, we recognize that divorce is a legal, financial and emotional process. Our attorneys, financial specialists and mental health professionals work together to get you to the finish line efficiently.

Note: Increased interpersonal conflict, ineffective communication and emotional reactivity will increase your divorce costs regardless of the divorce process you choose.
When choosing a divorce process (e.g. litigation, mediation, collaborative) consider which is most likely to aggravate tensions into the future, and which will allow for a more civil transition.

Unlike other Divorce options, a Collaborative Divorce actually works to increase your skill at managing conflict, co-parenting, regulating emotions, and communicating effectively for future interactions that will impact your children, your extended families and extended communities.

Speak to one of our financial neutrals to consult regarding your budget for a Collaborative Divorce. If a Collaborative Divorce isn’t viable, a Team Mediation may be more cost-effective for you.