Next Steps?

1. On the Fence about Divorce? 

Get clarity and confidence to either dive into focused couples therapy goals or prepare 
to divorce respectfully by meeting with one of our divorce Mental Health 
 for Decision Counseling.

2. Choose your Divorce Process

it’s the single most important decision you’ll make financially and for the wellbeing of your entire family. Which legal Divorce Process best fits your budget and values? Invite your spouse to attend one of our free Divorce Options Workshops, and educational Divorce Smarter Webinars [link to these]. Contact any of our COP Divorce professionals to help you decide! 

3. Early Neutral Consultation

Reduce your anxiety and worry with one of our neutral Financial Specialists (less expensive than attorneys!) by getting your financial data gathered, organized, analyzed and prepared with optional scenarios for our mediating, collaborative attorneys.  

4. Protect Children from Toxic Stress

Worried about how to tell the children? Want to buffer them from being caught in adult issues and the toxic stress this creates? Prepare to co-parent effectively through your divorce by bringing questions to our Co-parenting Mental Health Professionals?

5. Immediate Legal Advice

Don’t make any major decisions without consulting an attorney! Ready to take on the legal challenges of your divorce? Meet with our highly trained and experienced Mediating and Collaborative Attorneys. They also serve as mediation-friendly, consulting attorneys during a divorce mediation.

6. Personalized Support through Divorce & Beyond 

Our Mental Health Professionals are Divorce Specialists equipped to help you prepare mentally and emotionally for different divorce scenarios, address co-parenting challenges and deal non-reactively and respectfully with your spouse, while helping you envision and live into a viable future.