Rebecca Medina, Esq.

Dedicated Family Law Attorney and Mediator

Rebecca is a family law attorney and mediator offering non-litigation and/or alternate dispute resolution services to clients throughout Central Valley and San Diego Counties. Rebecca believes that the traditional court adversarial method in family law further polarize a family in transition and can be unnecessarily costly; both financially and emotionally. If children are involved, the court process can be devastating to the well-being of children no matter what age they are.

Rebecca is committed to processes that are based on negotiation, compromises, and ultimately empower clients to have control over the decision making process in their family law matter, which can result in less stress and allow them to move to the next chapter of their lives with dignity. With a compassionate and dedicated desire to help her clients in what is often the most difficult time in their life, Ms. Medina carries herself with poise and can relate to her clients on a level that conveys trust and inspires confidence. Rebecca’s philosophy is to be honest, direct, and committed toward helping her clients resolve their family matters by offering processes that result in settlements and empower individuals.

Rebecca Medina
Attorney at Law
Tel: (559) 324-5427